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An easy-to-understand children's board book inspired by the story of the two gardens in the Qur'an. The perfect gift for kids ages 0 to 7.

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Features Of This Book

Simple English makes this rhyming, Qur'an-inspired story easy for young minds to understand. Detailed illustrations captivate children and bring the story to life. The layout allows you to point to the text without obscuring any pictures, so kids can enjoy the illustrations and also learn sight words. This is a high-quality board book with durable pages for tiny hands.

Simple English

Easy-to-understand, rhyming text conveys a Qur'anic lesson in a fun and simple way. No SAT words, no complicated language.

Detailed Illustrations

Layout allows you to point to sight words for children without obscuring any of the colorful, highly-detailed pictures.

Cardboard Pages

Durable board book with pages at just the right size for tiny hands to hold and manipulate, helping to develop motor skills and a fondness for books.

Look Inside

20 pages full color glossy board book. Dimensions: 6 in x 5.25 in

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About Sh. Soosi

When Islam is conveyed in a complicated way, it's a major turn-off for kids. They get the feeling that if learning Islam is hard, it's not for them. That's exactly why I decided to write books for children. I have a passion for conveying Islamic lessons in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. I'm also a stickler for quality - something you'll undoubtedly attest to when you get my books in your hands. I hope my work raises the bar for Muslim children's literature. I pray these efforts are of benefit to your loved ones and the entire ummah. May Allah accept. Ameen!

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Testimonials From Customers

“We received this book as a gift for our newborn. We read it as a family and my two older children loved it, and they are 10 and 15! The lesson is wonderful and the print quality is fantastic.”

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Kabir M Father of 3

“Alhamdulillah, not only did our daughter enjoy it, but it was a lesson and reminder for us as well. Our 1-year-old is rarely able to sit through an entire book, but she is captivated by the artwork and story every time we have story time!”

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Ali & Rida Q Parents of 1

“I've caught my daughter reading this on her own. She's only 2 and can't actually read it, but she loves this book. It's well written and the illustrations are really detailed and high-quality.”

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Abu S Superdad